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From: Gerald Gallagher | submitted: Nov 25, 2009
lillian lowery promoted out of this district to a higher job.You could explain many of your problems with your continous politically correct choices.Children that want to learn in this state will continue to be sent to private schools.Will the TAXPAYERS ever wake-up and demand a fair use of their money?The current policy to assess the school system should first interview ALL parents(in true democrat fashion,that would include those either dead or in jail).Keep up the good job of wasting money and calling your cronies for more.Remember the trail in Delaware-start as a teacher,become a legislator! Good-luck with your scam.

From: Bonnie L Kononchuk | submitted: Oct 17, 2009
I do not know how some of these administrators get jobs. They have no common sense whatsoever. Their main goal seems to be how many kids they can suspend or expel. This kid is an elementary kid, give me a break. I thought the main goal was to keep kids in school, but they suspend or expel them for any and all reason. It is time the school districts get back to the basics.

From: Susan L Burton | submitted: Oct 15, 2009
Regarding Zachary Christie, I am a retired school secretary and the suspension of a 6 year old is outrageous. The principal should be fired for not being able to realize how stupid his decision was. I know rules are rules, but rethink your rules.

From: Lois E Settles | submitted: Oct 13, 2009
I am a retired school principal (elementary and middle schools). I am just appauled that your district does not have someone with some common sense about the child who is six years old and innocently brought an eating utensil to school that included a knife. Both the teach and pincipal could surely have taken up for this child not to have to suffer such extreme punishment. This is really unforgiveable for someone in your school system not to use a little administrative common sense and find a better way to deal with this. A few days "out of school" is one thing....but to send him on to an alternative school is just outrageous. SHAME ON YOU. Frankly, I would take this to the supreme court if I were the parents. Of course, the courts do not deal with these things usually, but someone needs to have an examination of your policies.

From: Thomas H Allison | submitted: Oct 12, 2009
Concerning Zachary Christie, The people involved in this abuse need to get a life!!! Nothing but a group of empty suits/dresses walking around with their thumbs up their behinds abusing a six year old. Those involved should be ashamed of themselves.

Christina School District School District Data
County of Location: New Castle
Number of Schools in This District: 28
Student/Teacher ratio: 15.2
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 19,407
Total Males: 10,359
Total Females: 9,005
American Indian Students: 24
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 776
African Americans: 7,532
Hispanic: 1,924
White: 9,108
Total Staff: 2,638
Fulltime Teachers: 1,316
Ungraded Teachers:
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 17
Kindergarten Teachers: 46
Elementary Teachers: 728
Secondary Teachers: 526
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 7
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 10
Total Guidance Counselors: 17
LEA Administrators: 42
School Administrators: 58
LEA Admin Support Staff: 35
School Admin Support Staff: 63
Student Support Services Staff: 136
Other Support Staff: 609
Library Media Support Staff: 2
Librarians Media Specialists: 25
Instructional Aides - Total: 293
Instructional Coordinators: 43